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Deluxe Coverage

Our script doctor service offers fully complete revisions of your script, you can just sit back and let us make your script the best it can be!


With our Script Doctor Service we will completely overhaul your script so you can focus on getting the logistics and funding handled. Whether you have a fully written script or just the basics, our team can give you a polished finished project that is ready to go. We can help with formatting, spelling/grammar, structure, pacing, dialogue, character development, and anything else in your script that you feel needs improvement.

Our award winning professional writing team can fully finish your script and have it ready to shoot. No matter what stage of the writing process you are in, we can get your script to a professional level for you and we will collaborate with you to make sure your script brings your creative vision to life. Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of the industry and can help to make your script more compelling and marketable.

When you buy our script/screenplay doctor service we will sit down with you to understand what you feel needs improvement or what you specifically hope to achieve on your script. We will discuss your creative vision and ensure that we give you the script you have always wanted. Contact us at Pitch My Project to learn more about how our script/screenplay doctor services can benefit your next project.

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