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Standard Coverage

We will provide you with a script report that demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of your script as well as clearly laying out the main project requirements.


Script coverage is a crucial step in getting your project funded, it provides the investor with all of the information they need as well as an expert opinion. It will contain all of the major details about your script that production companies and potential investors will want to know before considering your project such as time period, locations, and estimated budget. Coverage can help with understanding what a potential investor is looking for or as a way to ensure your script is ready to pitch.

At Pitch My Project we will provide you with an in-depth script coverage report that will not only help you attract investors, but will also help you improve your script and writing as a whole. With our coverage service we will give you a full script report that lays out all of the main components of your project, the strengths to be highlighted, and the weaknesses to be worked on. Our script reports provide a detailed report that includes a synopsis, analysis of characters, plot, dialogue, pacing, and a list of strengths and weaknesses. We also provide recommendations for improvements and suggestions for marketability.

Our script coverage service can help you improve your work as well. If you’re not sure how ready your script is for a pitch script coverage can give you a well rounded picture of where you are at and what you need to work on. Our team of professionals has worked in script coverage and development at major production companies in Los Angeles, USA and London, United Kingdom giving us a well-rounded understanding of what investors are looking for. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and bring their creative visions to life. Contact us at Pitch My Project to learn more about how our script/screenplay coverage services can benefit your next project.

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